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Get support and feedback from your peers


As a member of the WeSpark community, you will be able to participate in a variety of networking events and workshops where you’ll have the opportunity to meet other women who run a business in the healthcare sector, get inspired, share experiences and learn.


We know that running a business is not always easy and sometimes lonely. Our community will provide you a dynamic environment where entrepreneurs share knowledge and experiences as well as their struggles and their accomplishments. Being surrounded and supported by a community supports your personal and professional development.

Our Podcasts are the real stories of entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. They share with us their failures and successes. Whether you are just starting your business or you are an accomplished entrepreneur, the goal is to learn, get inspired and to provide key takeaways and actionable steps for you to continue to develop your business.



Enhance your business knowledge and confidence


Our webinars include presentations, workshops, and lectures from experts, peers and academics within the healthcare industry. They are all archived and available to you at any time.

Our blog provides the latest news, updates, and insights that are relevant for doing business in the healthcare sector. It includes interviews with industry leaders and key people of influence. It’s an excellent way to keep the most current information at your fingertips.



Succeed with support

The mentorship program connects you directly with someone who has hands-on experience with running a business. When a mentor’s personal and professional advice meets your entrepreneurial ambition, good things happen.


If you join the mentorship program, we will align you with a mentor that best suits your needs. You can download the mentorship Handbook with instructions for both you and the mentor on how to proceed with the mentorship.

We have selected a group of excellent and affordable business providers, experts and consultants to support our community members in various areas, including management, financialts and accounting, marketing & branding, social media and legal matters. Our members have access to a discounted rate with each of our preferred partners

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