Art & its Positive Impact on our Health

Did you know that art can provide great benefits to our mental and physical health? Because the idea is logical that art can have a positive impact on us, some researchers decided to study this impact to know more about the effect of art on our well-being.

A study conducted in Norway shows that people participating in cultural activities were generally more satisfied with their lives, were in better health and suffered less from anxiety and depression. In other words, art would help you be happier and fight against some mental conditions.

Interestingly enough, the study shows that either creating or seeing art provides you with health benefits - however, there are some differences between women and men. According to the study, women are more receptive to health benefits when creating art while men are benefiting more from seeing art.

In any case, this study demonstrates that art, whether you create it or you view it, does have a positive impact on your health and, generally speaking, on your level of happiness.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that you often find art in hospitals and healthcare establishments, because showing art is beneficial for patients. Studies have also shown that displaying art in hospitals and clinics results to a reduction in pain medication and a shorter stay for patients.

In addition, art-therapy is being used in more and more hospitals and we are all starting to be conscious of the great potential that art and culture can have for our health and our well-being.

In short, art can be an important element to consider in your practice and also in your own personal life. To release some of the stress that you encounter due to the workload or private issues, you may want to consider art classes to develop your creativity. Planning regular visits to a concert, a museum or an art gallery could also benefit your personal health. And as we conclude from the study, it is also highly beneficial to show art in your own clinic or practice (even if the art are replicas of the real art work). And in case your practice also deals with patients with mental health issues, you could consider art-therapy as an complementary treatment.

Because we love art and we appreciate the benefits of art, we would like to invite you for a fun and informal Art & Tapas Event that we specially organize for professionals in the healthcare sector, please join us for the Art & Tapas event this month and register here:

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