9 Steps To Master Time Management

Change your relationship with time, starting now.

by: Sabrina van Maltha, Author & Health Coach

We all have 24 hours in a day – how are you using yours? What’s your relationship to time like?

When you’re working toward mastering time management, the first thing you want to address is how you feel and speak about time. Do you feel like you’re always rushing? Like there’s never enough time? Do you often go to bed feeling guilty about not getting enough done?

You have the option to change your relationship with time, starting now.

You create time. It’s all about your perception of time and how you manage it.

Read on to explore my 9 steps to master time management.

1.) Breathe.

By breathing deeply into your lower abdomen, you engage your parasympathetic nervous system. This type of breathing engages the relaxation response and makes you feel more calm, present, and centered. This has a huge effect on your day because when you feel

calm internally, everything going on externally feels less harsh. You can handle road bumps, deadlines, and anything else that comes your way with a greater sense of ease, intuition, and presence.

2.) Change the way you talk about time.

Instead of always talking about how you don’t have enough time, ground your energy and acknowledge that time is exactly what you make of it. Say out loud: “I create time” and “I have as much time as I need.”. Even if these statements don’t feel totally true for you yet, start programming yourself to operate this way and time will expand naturally for you.

3.) How do you currently spend your time?

Your list should include anything! From showers, work, family responsibilities, to Internet, TV time, reading, and anything else you spend time on. Be honest and specific. If you’re having trouble getting this on paper or feel like you’re not being totally honest, track your activities one day this week. Every time you pick up your phone to scroll through social media, note what time you pick it up and put it down. Do this for everything you do. Keeping track for a day will give you an accurate picture.

4.) Write down the top 5 things you care about.

These should be your main focus. Here’s an example:

  1. Inspiring work

  2. Optimal physical, mental, and emotional health

  3. Authentic, healthy relationships

  4. A spiritual practice

  5. Physical activity

After you write down your list, compare your top five value focuses to the list of activities you spend your time on every day. Do they line up? If not, eliminate one activity that’s out of alignment. Keep eliminating activities and obligations as you can until you’re only doing things that align with your top five.

5.) Focus on 3 primary projects every day – do the toughest one first.

This is where you get to craft your ideal day, focusing on your chosen primary projects every day – and not just projects related to work. Your ideal day might be writing your newsletter, working out, and making dinner for your family. Anything else that happens is a bonus! If you find yourself overwhelmed because you have more than 3 things to do every day, get as close to this goal as possible. Choose your top 3 to complete first and do the others afterward if there’s still time. It’s often helpful to do the most challenging one first each morning, preferably before lunch. This gives you a great sense of accomplishment and fuels you with momentum for the rest of the day.

6.) Use a calendar instead of a to-do list.

If you put something on your calendar, it’s much more likely you’ll get it done and you’ll be more realistic about how much time it takes, especially if you’re using a digital calendar and have to allocate a specific amount of time. Now break your projects down into chunks. For

example, if you need to create your website, break it down into pieces, like write bio, do photo shoot, etc. Most projects have multiple parts, and it’s intimidating to just put “create website” on your calendar.

7.) Delegate + automate.

Let go of the need to be a superwoman and create a support team. When you delegate and automate activities you don’t love doing, you free yourself up to work in your zone of genius, which leads to flow states where work feels much easier and has a much greater sense of

happiness. This can be scary for people because most of us have the perception that delegating and automating is only for wealthy people and costs a ton of money. That’s completely untrue. You can get support at very affordable prices.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Get help from a cleaning lady instead of doing it all yourself. It will costs you a couple of euros but it saves you hours. As entrepreneurs, we know that time is money!

  2. Let your groceries be delivered at home.

  3. Set up your finances so your bills get paid automatically.

  4. Ask your kids, husband/partner, or roommate for more help. Work out a system that’s beneficial for all parties. Voice your needs in a respectful way.

  5. Schedule all your personal care appointments for the next six months, such as haircuts, manicures, pedicures, or anything else you do regularly. Take out the guesswork and put everything in your calendar in one swoop.

  6. Get accountability.

Reach out to a few possible accountability buddies this week. Set a date and time every week to talk with them and hold each other accountable.

9.) Let go of perfection.

Time is tricky and sometimes things might not always feel or be perfect. Let go of the need to be perfectly scheduled and productive every day. You’re a human, not a robot. Use gentle language to bring yourself back when you get off track. Stay positive and keep supporting your physical, mental, and emotional health.

She takes action...

Time is one of our most valuable resources and managing it, is something most of us (entrepreneurs) struggle with.

I am sharing these 9 steps with you to help you manage the hours of your day more efficiently. Saving time, reducing stress and as a result earning more money.

This week, I invite you to experiment with these steps. Track your progress and please share the positive difference that being organized can make.

→ Commit to doing something to face your own time struggle.


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