After receiving my law degree, I decided to focus on the empowerment of women, instead of practicing law. For more than 10 years I worked on the advancement of women’s rights in Cambodia, USA, China, and the Netherlands, in 2006, I started a foundation, called Women Win. The foundation focuses on the empowerment of girls and women through sport. The foundation built different corporate partnerships with key brands including Nike, Wieden+Kennedy and Standard Chartered Bank. Over the last 12 years we raised 15 million and reached more than 2 million girls and young women around the world. 

After moving to Barcelona in 2010, I started Downtown Offices, an accelerator for women entrepreneurs to support their personal and professional growth. Through this community, I met many entrepreneurs active in the healthcare sector.

They are all amazing physicians with great track records. However, they all confided in me that being a great physician does not guarantees that you are also a successful entrepreneur. Most medical degrees don’t talk about the business side of healthcare. Once you have decided to start your own business in healthcare you often feel lost and unsure what to do. Since I have always been attracted to the medical world and supporting women has been my passion since leaving law school, I realized that I could change the experience for women entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. I can make their business experience easier and more enjoyable by providing them with the relevant community, knowledge and tools.

The number of women in medical schools and in the business of healthcare have risen significantly over the last decade. At the same time, this is an era that women are reaching out to one another and are eager to collaborate and share their knowledge. We Spark feeds into the desire of women to be part of an inspiring community while starting and building their businesses.

I am excited to support you in your endeavor.

Astrid Aafjes

Founder of WeSpark

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