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1. Respect of other members


You will have the opportunity to get in touch with other members through our services such as the Forum and the Blog. The rules of propriety apply to our website. To that extent, you have to respect your peers from WeSpark community which includes using an appropriate language for chatting with others, having respect for other members’ profile description, pictures and other personal information. For that matter, you must respect other members’ personal information and have no right to use them.


2. Business tools and Podcasts


The tools and podcasts you have access to as a member of WeSpark are WeSpark’s property. You can of course use them, but in no case you can share them with other persons. WeSpark tools and podcasts are designed for your personal use and a disclosure of the paying materials (and materials included in your membership) will not be tolerated by WeSpark. Sanctions can go up to exclusion of the WeSpark community.


3. Circles


If you are part of a Circle group with other peers from the WeSpark community, you have to treat your peers with respect, as any other members. Moreover, you must comply with the agenda of your Circle group and be on time for your regular meetings. Otherwise, you have to tell your peers about any change in your program. Any information shared during the Circles’ meetings are private and have to be respected. You can disclose information about your peers to other people apart from the Circle group only if you get the agreement of the person concerned.


4. Mentorship


The same goes for mentorship. You owe mentors respect and must comply with the code of conduct delivered in the PDF document “WeSpark Mentorship Program” available online in the Mentorship section. Any member using mentorship must have read this document.


5. Consulting


You have the opportunity to get in touch with our consultant partners. Any communication that you may have with them is yours and WeSpark has no responsibility in that. Of course, you have to respect our consultants and comply with all other directives of the Code of Conduct.


6. Webinars


Our Webinars take place on Zoom software. During webinar presentations, you are asked not turn on your camera and your micro to speak except if the speaker give you the opportunity to do so. The speaker may enable you to speak in the micro at the end of the presentation to have direct questions and answers. In that case, you have to respect the speaker and all other attendees. You must respect the words of your peers too. In case of a bad behaviour during a webinar, WeSpark has the right to exclude you from the community.


6. Contact info


If you would like more information or you have any comment or request about our Privacy Policy, please email us at info@wesparkglobal.com

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